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“Thirsty for creativity. Thirsty for dark compositions. Thirsty for just a little more dream on Thessaloniki’s rock stage. And this not where it ends….

Behind The Eyes of The Shadow

Self Released

Rooting in the darkest corridors of the worldwide scene, you cannot help but noticing some post punk elements mixed with deeply sentimental melodies. Electro Vampires released their debut album titled “Behind the Eyes of the Shadow” accompanied by a figurative artwork inspired by the aesthetics of the album. Production of the LP was designed and put through by EV and Nikodemos Triaridis owner of “the Sonic Ark studio” also in Thessaloniki.

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Ignorance & Violence

Mantra Records

Better late than never! Besides, good things come to those who wait. Seven years after the release of their debut, the second album of Electro Vampires was released by Mantra Records in early 2019.

It is titled “Ignorance and Violence” and is characterised by the band as “a musical guide to simultaneous survival and self-destruction”. It contains eleven tracks, all of which make us recall the quality, style and musical identity of E.V. It was recorded at Magnanimus Recording Studio and, soonly after its digital release, was also released on vinyl. On spring 2019 the band embarked on a lengthy Greek tour for the promotion of the album.

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